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Pre Move Survey

Pre Move Survey

Pre Move Survey

At Residential Packers and Movers, we firmly believe that understanding your individual needs and planning is the key to smooth moving experience. Residential Packers and Movers' staff highly trained professionals that make your shifting an enjoyable experience.

Household Pre Move Survey

During Pre Move Survey We:

  • Inspect your goods to be packed and moved
  • Understand your individual needs.
  • Identify delicate and valuable items, which may require special packing and wooden crating.
  • Take measurements for wooden crating.
  • Assess manpower and material requirements
  • Check facilities for loading and parking vehicle.
  • Schedule dates for packing and moving.
  • Explain your moving services and answer your queries.
  • Rs.300/-will be charged, if booking not confirmed. By phone and email estimate will be free of cost.